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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Poulsbo-North Kitsap!

Poulsbo-North Kitsap
We meet Fridays at 7:00 AM
Poulsbo Sons of Norway
18891 Front St NE
Poulsbo, WA  98370
United States
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Auction Season Is Here!

Knowing how fast October 27 will be here, plans and preparations for our annual fundraiser auction are ramping into high gear with lots of opportunity to contribute, participate and raise awareness throughout our community. Michele Doyle shared with all of us that we are still needing donated items (especially experiences), we are encouraged to fill our tables with attendees who are eager to bid, and we still need a Desert Dash Coordinator. If you have silent auction baskets, contact Donna Davidson. Otherwise, let Michele know how you want to help this year. 

Featured Program: Being a Voice for the Unheard

Mary Jones - Voice for the UnheardMary Jones has spent her life caring for babies born to alcohol and drug-addicted mothers, most suffering from the effects of withdrawal from birth. Caring for ailing newborns while they survived this withdrawal is the difficult mission that Mary has embraced, and many of these children have stayed in touch as they went on to live healthy, strong lives. But it was a call in 2003, when a social worker told her that one little girl Mary was fostering might have HIV, that propelled her onto her next challenge, where she would go on to change laws and, in her way, change our world. She remembers whispering in this sweet child’s ear, “I will be your voice, and I’m going to do everything I can do correct this wrong.” And that is precisely what she went on to do.
It was that moment that Mary decided she needed to fight for a better way. She knew that foster parents needed to know if a child was HIV-positive before they agreed to care for them. But most importantly, thanks to an immediate diagnosis, the child would receive immediate life-saving treatment right from the start that could save their life. So she began the 15-year-long journey towards encouraging a very significant change—if a child’s parents are HIV-positive, the child can be tested for HIV at birth and without the parents’ permission. 

Through a partnership with Senator Christine Rolfes, a bill was passed in 2016 requiring this testing, saving lives and lessening the stigma associated with HIV. It was a stunning achievement that was almost singlehandedly made possible by Mary’s relentless conviction and passion for the children who have no voice. A reminder for all of us that almost anything is possible if you care, if you try and if you believe in the power in each of us to make our world a little better place. 


Hat Day winner Frances Malone
Finalists were Ardis Morrow, Frances Malone (shown), and Anita Blau. Naveen Chaudhary offered prizes!

Rotary Youth Protection

Rotary Youth Protection- Mike Cloutier and Ardis MorrowMike Cloutier and Ardis Morrow presented the new Youth Protection Policy, which asks that all Rotarians take the training.  It’s so easy you can do it in your bunny slippers!  Mike sent the link in an email, and when you complete the test, you’ll get a BUNNY STICKER of your CHOICE!
Lynn Ferguson sings the Star Bangled Banner
Professional musician and today’s guest speaker Lynne Ferguson started our meeting with a beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

Important UPCOMING Club Events \

• Wine Tasting at Brenda Wall's Aug 24, 5:30pm 
• Club PICNIC will be Sept 1 at Bonnie Pedersen's! 2pm
Jim Martin honored at Rotary
Naveen Chaudhary thanked his hero, Jim Martin, for his “gentle and generous spirit.”

Native Horsemanship Youth Program 

Native Horsemanship Youth Program
Lynne Ferguson lives on the Port Madison Reservation, in a life of music, kids, and horses.  Drawing upon her Comanche and Cherokee heritage, both “horse culture” tribes, she discovered a passion for working with horses to help children with disabilities grow and thrive. She created the Native Horsemanship Youth Program and opened her own 501(c)3 charitable organization, where she works with children free of charge, 90% of whom are from low-income homes or have special needs.
With her eight horses, she teaches children to ride without a saddle or bridle, using body movements after developing a relationship with the horses from on the ground. Counselors often bring kids to her, and she has seen a lot of success with students on the autism spectrum. Although people of any age are welcome, the program serves 100 kids per year through her partnerships with the Suquamish and S’Klallam Tribes and other counselors. The program is approaching its 20 Year Celebration and will be having a benefit concert on August 26. Donations are welcomed, and there are ample opportunities for volunteering! 

Exchange Students

exchange students
Our newest exchange student will be joining us soon! Yodsapon Boonrat (but you can call him “Mc”) is from Thailand and will arrive in our area on August 20th. Let’s be sure to give this young man a warm welcome.
Previous exchange student to Colombia, Emma Smith, gave us an update on how she’s putting her exchange experience to use translating forms for immigrants. She continues to make us proud! 
Rotarians honored for their service
President Tim honored and thanked the following Rotarians for their leadership and service: 
   Dan Weedin 
   Craig Adams 
   Steve Garfein  
   Ed Stern 

Mary Nader and Tom Eckmann - What's Happening at Fishline

Tom Eckmann and Mary NaderFishline has come a long way of the past 51 years and today Mary and Tom gave us an overview of where they are and what was in store for the future. Today Mary reminded us that Fishline helps in 4 areas – a service center; food; housing, and support services. They have over 30,000 visits in 2017. 1700 households can 1time per year (500-700 new households = 4000 individuals) In NK, the largest group of homeless are older women. Fishline distributed 1 million pounds of food; 600,000 pounds would have gone to the landfill – 300,000 comes from Central Market. Fishline also focuses on Community Gardens and Food Education (cooking and growing). Although Fishline does not want to be in the “housing” business – they do part with multiple providers. NK Fishline also has multiple programs to help children – including tutoring. They also provide support, from clothing donations, to workshops, to connections to therapy providers.
Tom EckmannTom was kind enough to discuss the new building and other recent changes like:
  • The new build will make NK Fishline the hub for services in our area. 
  • The initial cost for the project was $2.8 million, but was raised to $4 million. 
  • It is set to open in September! With multiple partners (dentists and other service providers) using the space 
  • The 2nd Season store has moved to Poulsbo Village. This move has shown an increase in donation and income – doubling its income in the 2nd month! 
  • What’s next? Plans to “repurpose” the old Fishline building. Also, plans are being made to expand the 2nd Season store! 

August 11 Service Saturday

Indoor and outdoor maintenance at Eli’s Place: yard work, painting, pulling up and replacing subfloors, and replacing vanities. Expect several more work parties at Eli’s Place in the future. Geoff will contact those who sign up to give them the location.

Presentation by Poulsbo Rotary President Tim Nichols

Presentation by Poulsbo Rotary President Tim Nichols
First, Tim shared a little of his personal story. He was living in Poulsbo and commuting to Seattle for work but, with the birth of his second son Graydon, he started working from home. He joined Rotary in 2006 as a way to have social interaction. Then he elected to adopt a couple of girls. The first was Zarri, who had been abused and had been in a hospital with a coma and also had severe eyesight issues. The Izzy came into their life. They knew her before she was born. Life with the girls was a roller coaster of issues, but has been a rewarding journey. Zarri was in, and then disappointingly out, of their life. When she returned for good, Gray said it was the best birthday present he ever had. They have been best friends ever since. His family consists of Connor (12), Graydon (12), Zarri (12), Izzy (9), and Naomi (unk).
After that, Tim shared his goals for the club. His first goal is to figure out to get know people and inspire them. Other goals are to start a Rotaract club (with a shout-out to Cheyenne who also wants to start a Kitsap Rotaract club), to make Rotary more accessible and more efficient, and to earn the club a Presidential Citation. The Presidential Citation requires satisfying 3 goals in each of 3 areas:
Rotary Theme 2018• Support and Strengthen Clubs 
    • Net gain of 1 member 
    • Net gain in female members 
    • Improve club retention by 1%
• Focus and Increase Humanitarian Service 
    • (Co)Sponsor a Rotaract club
    • Contribute at $100 per capita to the Annual Fund 
    • Conduct a significant service project in one of Rotary’s six areas of focus 
• Enhance Public Image and Awareness 
    • Sponsor a Youth Exchange Student
    • Partner with another organization on a project 
    • Use Rotary’s brand guidelines, templates and related materials
Board Members
Tim brought the board members up to the front to answer questions from the members present. He told the members to “Ask the Board Anything”. And we did. He also presented each with “Inspiration Pins” for their dedication to the club and as a token of his appreciation. The club gave them a round of applause as well. 

Upcoming Service Saturday 

August 11 Service Saturday—Indoor and outdoor maintenance at Eli’s Place: yard work, painting, pulling up and replacing subfloors, and replacing vanities. Expect several more work parties at Eli’s Place. Geoff Schmidt will contact those who sign up to give them the location. 

Many Thanks to our Photographers!

Scott Sorensen, Larry Bartholomew, and Steve Garfein
President Tim Nichols (right) thanked the club’s “official“ photographers for their fine photos at club meetings and events. Thanks to Scott Sorensen, Larry Bartholomew, and Steve Garfein. 

State of the Club

2018-19 Rotary ThemeClub President Tim Nichols provided a summary of the most recent Board Meeting: The club has 143 members with an average attendance of 65%. The initial budget for the club is $84,000, with approximately another $60,000 coming soon. Tim will hold about $10,000 in discretionary funds to be given to individuals for appropriate individual projects. We received $2903 from the Kitsap Great Give. The Board approved applying for a grant for repairs and maintenance at Eli’s Place.

Shannon Singleton - North Kitsap Schools Foundation

Shannon Singleton - North Kitsap Schools Foundation
Shannon is in her 2nd year as president of the North Kitsap Schools Foundation and has been on its board for 6 years. She has a degree in Speech/Language pathology and is the Assistant Director of Assistive Technology for North Kitsap Schools, providing low and high-tech ways of allowing students to communicate with teachers and with staff.
The Foundation In 2017-2018 awarded over $52,000 in grants to teachers for projects in the classroom in all ten NKSD schools. These comprised 29 grants, at least 2 of which went to each school. Grants ranged from $100 to $5,000 each. The grant selection process prioritizes projects that go directly to the students.
Shannon presented some examples of how Rotary donations have been used at NK Schools. In one Rotary funded project, NKHS bought iPads to allow the Athletic Treatment Project students to learn anatomy and athletic treatment skills. They are using them now to provide services to student athletes, such as taping, and other treatments to save $800 to $1900 daily in PT and other treatment cost. The Team also competes in regional treatment competitions.
In another project students formed an Assistive Tech Team that used educational software equipped with assistive devices to help severely limited students to change a screen on a computer or draw a poster using a switch as an input device. Yet another did a molecular biology experiment to genetically modify bacteria to make it glow!
One school held a school-wide STEM day where students experimented with robotics, made rockets, flew kites, and in an “inverse filed trip” the Museum of Flight came to the school, and Navy personnel from Bangor helped out. 
Shannon was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow in September 2017 by Poulsbo Rotary for her great efforts as an advocate for kids, education, and our community. Paul Harris Awards represent a $1000 contribution by club members to the Rotary International Foundation, in this case given in the name of a deserving member of our community. The community member receives a certificate and pin from Rotary International commemorating the award.

This Saturday, July 21st, is our service Saturday. One of the activities is to help the Poulsbo Chapter of Days for Girls from 9:00 -12:00 at the West Sound Academy at 16571 Creative Drive, Poulsbo (off of Hwy 305). The plan is to pack 200+ kits so no sewing or ironing skills required! If you have not signed up and would like to attend, please message us here or (if you're a member), send Debra Vaughan an e-mail or sign-up this Friday on the infamous clipboard. The Days for Girls people who are organizing this event would like a rough count of attendees.

Also, for each package of underwear you bring this Saturday, Central Market has very generously donated 50 certificates for free ice cream cones! The first 50 packages of underwear donated will receive a free ice cream cone certificate. Sizes needed: girls sizes 8 through 14 and women’s sizes 5 through 7. Cotton blend is preferred in darker colors, no faces or animals, no thongs or boy shorts. Classic briefs, high-cut briefs, full briefs, hipster, or bikini styles are acceptable.

Thank you for your service. For more information on this worthy cause, please check out:…/a.129497937489…/129497914156499/…

Upcoming Events

  • July 21 Fish Park work party to widen existing walking path 
  • July 21 Days for Girls work party at West Sound Academy on Hwy 305 
New Poulsbo Rotary New Members: Devyn Newcombe and Jim Gillard
New Members of Poulsbo Rotary: Devyn Newcombe and Jim Gillard. Welcome! 

Check Presentations:

Kessoye Project: seed packets for Ethiopia
Kessoye Project: seed packets for Ethiopia 
Fishline: chest freezer
Fishline: freezer chest
Family & Juvenile Court: lunches for mock court participants
Family & Juvenile Court: lunches for mock court participants 
Poulsbo Senior Community Center: replace water damaged flooring
Poulsbo Senior Community Center: replace water damaged flooring 

President Michele Doyle - retrospective of this Rotary year

Club President Michele Doyle
President Michele shared a retrospective of her Rotary year, reminding us exchange student Giacomo “Jack” Battu speaks Italian, English, French, and Smart Aleck! 

Paul Harris Fellowship awarded to Mike & Barb Danford of Kitsap Physical Therapy

Mike & Barb Danford of Kitsap Physical TherapyA Paul Harris Fellowship was awarded to Mike & Barb Danford of Kitsap Physical Therapy, a community-oriented business serving Kitsap County for 40 years. These awards, given in the name of Rotary Founder Paul Harris, represent a donation of $1000 to the Rotary Foundation, the charitable non-profit of Rotary International. In this case the club has "donated" on behalf of outstanding community members to recognize their contributions to the ideals of Rotary.

Presentation by Leonard Forsman, Chairman of the Suquamish Tribe

Presentation by Leonard Forsman, Chairman of the Suquamish Tribe
Leonard is in his fifth 3 year term as chairman. He shared some historical facts about Suquamish tribal history in the Kitsap area. Some of the tribe’s accomplishments are the 9th Circuit Court’s order to rebuild culverts to preserve water quality and salmon runs, recent water quality decisions, and resident killer whale restoral through efforts to increase salmon populations, water quality, and keeping boats away from feeding whales. Other activities include growing the Chief Kitsap Academy, and continuing the growth at the casino and golf course. A separate management runs the Enterprise businesses of the casino and golf course to keep them separate from political issues. The Suquamish run a Foundation with interests similar to Rotary’s: helping the elderly and helping the community. 
Among the tribe’s priorities are protecting Treaty rights, community relations, Government to Government politics and relations, preserving the orca and salmon populations, and improving storm and waste water quality throughout the Puget Sound area. 
Leonard believes that the Suquamish tribe’s biggest challenge is protecting Puget Sound water quality and habitat, not just in Kitsap County but around the Sound. He is also concerned about the new trade tariffs: the tribe has 25 to 30 clam divers harvesting clams that are shipped to China. 

Incoming Club President Tim Nichols 

The Rotary International slogan for 2018-2019 is “Be the Inspiration”. Tim 's slogan for Poulsbo Rotary is” Service Inspired”. His objective for the year is to start up a Rotaract Club for Poulsbo.
Jack heading for Las Vegas
Jack shared that he will be walking to Las Vegas. Alone. (Or maybe not… <wink>)

Check Presentations!

Force Tolar presented a checkForce Tolar presented a check from Community Service to Tim Henderson and to brothers Dave and Jim Shields for the Poulsbo Historical Society’s Pilot House Project. 

Alexis Foster presented a checkAlexis Foster then presented a check to Debora Lascelles & Jake Ortega for their Coffee for Hope film project, which will tell the Coffee Oasis story. The money will help feed and transport youth during the project. 



Celebrating our Youth

Geoff Schmidt and Brett Geoff Schmidt and Brett Clark shared their experience over the past year with the Our Gents program in North Kitsap, at the high school and the middle school. They both served as male mentors for students recommended by school counselors for a variety of reasons. They focused on building character, developing scholars, and preparing leaders by promoting respect for self and others, dignity, honor, and empathy. Their enthusiasm showed theirpassion for this valuable program. 
Bob Hawkinson presents youth scholarshipsBob Hawkinson awarded certificates and checks to many outstanding students this morning, including nine awards to recent high school graduates and eight college students. They are all continuing to higher education. Congratulations, recipients!  
Bob Hawkinson presents youth scholarships

In House Auction

In House AuctionOn June 15th we had an auction of some of Jack Archer’s wines as well as 3 Cuban Cigars. We raised $1276 that will go to the Rotary Foundation. Thank you for all who bid and donated! Jack’s Celebration of Life is Saturday, June 16th.


Check Presentations 

Check Presentations Math OlympiadCheck presentation to Kitsap childrens musical theaterOur Rotary club was able to make 2 check donations this morning: One for $200 to the Math Olympiad to pay for the registration to this year’s competition; and a 2nd to Kitsap Children's Musical Theater for $1400 to help purchase 4 new sewing machines!


Committee Annual Summaries

Funds Development: Donna PledgerFunds Development: Donna Pledger reported on the great work that Funds Development did in 2017/2018. Their goal is to have a comprehensive plan for the whole year that will honor the donors/donations as well as support the Rotary brand. They do this by setting policy, general donation oversight, investigating new revenue sources and brainstorming ideas. The 3 major events they focused on this year are the Gala, Viking Tour and the Kitsap Great Give. 
Public image: Cindy TveitPublic image: Cindy Tveit shared the activities of the Public Image committee. Our goal is to bring more awareness of the great work Rotary does in the North Kitsap area and beyond. Some ways we make that happen are: increase use of Facebook; increasing a presence in the print media (including letters to the editor and 3 articles to date in the Herald); as well as an increase in internal engagement, including changes to the website, weekly What’s Coming Up and Meeting Highlights, a new sign at Snider Field, great visibility thru apparel (hats, fleece jackets, etc.), and snapshots of dollars and hours donated to the community.

David Bobanick Speaks About Rotary First Harvest

David Bobanick Speaks About Rotary First HarvestBorn in 1982 from the mind of a single Rotarian – proving that it one takes one of us to make a change for good in our work – Rotary First Harvest is a group which collects food that might go wasted and unused and helps to get it into the hands of those who need it. With a staff of only 4, David and his team from District 5030 have collected over 418 million healthy servings of produce to aid the 1.14 million needy people in Washington state. Did you know that 60% of the 1.14 million are children and seniors? Did you also know that 40% of food in this state is “wasted”? Food is collected directly from farms large and small in our state, they get help harvesting and gleaning from area clubs and Americorp volunteers. Food is then picked up by trucking company and trucking school's partners to be delivered to groups like NW Harvest – who in turn help to distribute to other food banks in the state. 

Distinguished Students of Service awards

Distinguished Students of Service awards
Distinguished Students of Service awards
Dr. Lauryn Evans, Steve Hogg, and Roger Gallington presented six outstanding NKHS students with Distinguished Students of Service awards and a $100 scholarship each. The awardees in STEM and CTE are Alexander Jacob Iaroslavtsev, Alex Martin, and Audrey Cole. The awardees in Liberal Arts are Mollie Brislin, Ellen Rhoads, and Treyson Gleich.

Upcoming Events 

• June 29 Installation/Outstallation Dinner at Clearwater Casino 
• July 15 BBQ, Bluegrass, and Beer at the Sawdust Hill Rd Alpaca Farm. 
Poulsbo Rotary has put in 1,374 hours of volunteer service in the last 48 weeks 

Jeff Bauman: A New Vision for Poulsbo Municipal Cemetery

Jeff Baumann: A New Vision for Poulsbo Municipal Cemetery
Jeff shared some historical highlights of the cemetery and gave us a sneak preview of recommendations to be presented to the City Council’s Public Works Committee on June 27th. The recommendations are a proposed Master Plan for the cemetery created by a group of citizen volunteers to guide maintenance and capital improvement projects and to implement a new vision of the Cemetery as not just a burial ground but also as an open air historical space celebrating Poulsbo’s heritage. 
Highlights of the plan include revisions of purchase price for plots, policies on transfer of plots, allowance for an ashes garden for cremated remains, and improvements such as benches, irrigation, and trash receptacles. Services would include flag placement each Memorial Day and Veterans Day, guided historical tours of the cemetery, publication of a historical brochure of the site, an annual volunteer cleanup day, an information page on the city’s web site, and links between the City and “Friends” websites, and removal of inappropriate vegetation.
Jeff has worked for the City of Kirkland, the Seattle (now King County) Metro, and the City of Portland before serving as the Public Works Director for the City of Wilsonville, Oregon. In 2006, Jeff became the Poulsbo Public Works Director until his retirement. He was appointed to fill a two-year vacancy on the Poulsbo City Council and currently serves on the Board of Trustees for the Kitsap Regional Library. 

Domestic Violence Prevention Committee Update

Domestic Violence Prevention Committee Update Chad SolvieChad Solvie, chair of our Club’s DV Committee, updated our membership on the work that has been done thus far, including a recap of the history of Ardis Morrow and her mission, a result of the loss of her great grand-nephew Eli who died in 1986 at the hands of his father. Her desire for change has not lessened in the decades since, and Morrow Manor, 8 units of supportive housing being built in Poulsbo with Ardis’ inspiration and Rotary’s help , is now almost a reality, a torch carried through 5 Poulsbo Rotary President terms! So far, 730 donors have given $2.9 million, likely more than enough to complete the project. Well done, Poulsbo Rotary! 

Cheryl Harris—Classification Talk

Cheryl Harris—Classification TalkEach new member to our club gives a "classification talk" to tell other members something about his or her life and work. Cheryl knew she had a love of singing when, as a child growing up on a dairy ranch, she would talk and sing to the cows. Her love of singing came to a temporary end when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at 21, a treatment for which silenced her voice for 6 months. Though her voice eventually returned, and the cancer was vanquished, a new challenge arose—a disabling fear of public speaking. Cheryl faced this fear head-on as well, taking a class to learn how to give persuasive speeches that changed her life. Her happy interracial marriage presented other challenges that she has overcome as well.  Her experiences have taught her well and allowed her to live her life with joy and courage— and have left her with an empowering wisdom.  “By getting through my fears, I could help others get through theirs.”

Homelessness in Kitsap County 

Homelessness in Kitsap County Kirsten JewellAs the Housing and Homelessness Program Coordinator for Kitsap County’s Department of Human Services, Kirsten Jewell painted a sobering picture of the housing crisis in Kitsap County. A lover of data, she cited a number of statistics that helped identify the contributing factors in local homelessness, including an accelerating cost of rentals and home purchases, the increasing number of people moving to the area in search of work and a better life, and the lack of affordable housing inventory or projects in the offing. Add to that mental illness, addictions and a lack of living wage jobs, and we begin to see the magnitude of the challenge. While some progress is being made, especially for veterans in the area, we have much work ahead. Ideas like the use of tiny homes and shared home programs like the HomeShare program at Fishline continue to be some of our most promising options for the near term. Kirsten encourages us to consider county-wide solutions approaches to creation and maintenance of affordable options, an increase in permanent supportive housing for vulnerable populations, and continued coordinated entry through agencies like the Housing Solutions Center of Kitsap Community Resources. Her advice on how you and I can help? “Talk about this with each other, with your community leaders, in your neighborhoods.” Kirsten has given us plenty to talk about, and think about, and we’re grateful for her unflinching view of a difficult problem for many communities.
Newest member, John Waller, Sponsored by Steve Garfein.
Welcome to our newest member, John Waller, Sponsored by Steve Garfein.
Nick Johnson reviewed results for Viking Tour and presented a picture of VIKING JACK BATTU.

Newest Paul Harris Award presented to Alexis Foster

Alexis FosterAlexis Foster became our newest Paul Harris Fellow! Rotarians who contribute a total of $1000 to The Rotary Foundation, the foundation of Rotary International, receive a commemorative pin called the Paul Harris Award, named after the founder of Rotary. 

Important UPCOMING Club Events 

• Jack Archer’s memorial will be June 16. Details on ClubRunner and email from Michele Doyle 
• Installation/Outstallation June 29!! 

Youth Services Committee Report 

Youth Services Committee Report - Alexis FosterAlexis Foster shared the committee’s belief statement and some of this year’s projects and grants: Nelson House (with Community Service), Distinguished Students of Service, OurGEMS and Gents, Suquamish Elementary’s Islandwood trip, 3 projects for NK Schools Foundation, and the Miss Poulsbo/Miss Kitsap/Miss Silverdale Scholarship fund, to name just a few.

Presentation: Seth Muir, of Salish Sea Expeditions 

Presentation: Seth Muir, of Salish Sea Expeditions Seth described some of the innovative “science-under-sail” programs for students that allow the students to take the scientific process from the classroom all the way to a symposium. Students design a project, conduct a meaningful experiment that they do in 1-5 days on a boat, a 65 foot yawl. Salish Sea Expeditions has use of the boat for 1/3 of the year, and they typically operate out of state parks because the boat only sleeps 14, and the class size is larger than that. About 40% of the students receive scholarships, 75% come from public schools, and 25% are low income. Seth reports with pride, “Our students become research science school mariners aboard a floating classroom. It’s hands on.” He said they build a rigorous project, collect the data, and form a conclusion. 
Seth explained that they have many community partners, and that they’re currently expanding to some family projects and winter-time land-based projects. Right now the greatest need is for LOCAL STUDENTS, and the funding to help support them. It’s about $100 per day per kid. This sounded like a very worthwhile program, and our members had lots of interest and questions. 

Happy 93rd, Ardis!

Ardis Morrow 93rd birthday celebrationFriday’s meeting was filled with birthday surprises for Ardis Morrow. Members responded to President Michele’s secret request to “bury Ardis with flowers” with lush bouquets and fragrant lilacs. A sweet cake with a trick candle, and a hearty rendition of Happy Birthday, made her birthday celebration complete.

Jack’s Countdown 

Jack’s Countdown As his year in the US winds down, Jack is feeling the melancholy of his “lasts” he shared that he attended his last exchange student meeting and will miss the many friends he made during his Poulsbo Rotary year. His playful exchanges with Michele are a highlight of our meetings, and Friday’s meeting was no exception. We are sure going to miss you, Jack! 

There’s more to color than meets the eye!

colorist Melissa BoltAs featured speaker, colorist Melissa Bolt, explained, color is more than about beauty—there is also a psychological aspect, a tangible reaction that comes about when seeing various colors. For instance, did you know that blue is used in bank branding because it represents stability and dependability? Sharing these examples, along with an update on current color technology and trends and how color is used in professional settings, Melissa captivated our members with her strikingly beautiful slides and deep connection to color.  This year’s Pantone color of the year? Ultra Violet! We can all learn more about Melissa’s services by contacting her at

Membership Committee Update

With over 36,000 Rotary Clubs worldwide, 886 of which are new this year, Rotary has maintained its global membership of 1.2 million members through efforts like those made by our Membership team. Poulsbo’s membership stayed steady this year maintaining our status as one of the larger clubs in the area. 


Viking Tour Update

As of Friday’s meeting, 230 riders have signed up, the best year ever! With a stretch goal of 350, our efforts to register riders continues with an expectation of at least 300 by Sunday’s race.

Dates to remember

June 16th, 12-3, Sons of Norway— Memorial for Jack Archer 
June 29, 5:30pm, Clearwater Convention Center—Poulsbo Rotary Installation/Outstallation 
Geoff Schmidt with Ardis Morrow

Geoff Schmidt filled in for Michelle this morning while she is at the 2018 District Conference! Love the tie, Geoff.


Viking Tour May 20th!

Viking Tour May 20th!
Final Viking Tour planning meeting May 16 at 7:30 AM at Coffee Oasis. Everyone is welcome. Also, join us May 19 at Western Red Brewery for rider packet pick up and a Rotary social.

Frances Malone receives award from Suquamish Tribe

Our own Frances Malone was awarded the Suquamish Tribe—Spirit of Giving: Lifetime Achievement Award. Congratulations Frances. We’re so proud of you!

Med Reed Classification Talk

Med Reed Classification TalkEach new member to our club gives a "classification talk" to tell other members something about his or her life and work. Med's dad was in the Navy so he grew up at many Navy bases. Med joined the Marine Corps out of high school. He was slated for OCS but instead headed for the Navy. His assignments include Iraq, Guam, the Pentagon, and a stint in Joint Special Ops. After his twin daughters joined the family he went back to Guam, where as the Logistics lead he was responsible for servicing 115 ships. He is currently assigned as Director of Weapons Systems Support at Keyport. He recently bought a 9 acre property in Seabeck and plans retirement from the Navy in about a year.

Featured Speaker—Gene Bullock

Featured Speaker—Gene Bullock
Gene and his wife spend a lot of time on the road in their RV as the “Geritol Gypsies” where they pursue their passion for bird watching and photography. You may recognize him from his monthly column in most Kitsap County newspapers. Turns out birds are big business: Bird watching and photography in Washington contribute $7.4B to our local economies. 
Fossil evidence shows that many dinosaurs were bird-like and had bright plumage. In that case our friend T. rex would be like “the 10 ton road-runner from hell”. The Kitsap Audubon partners with Kitsap Forest & Bay Coalition and has helped purchase and save 4,000 acres of North Kitsap forest and shoreline. This has been done to attempt to mitigate that nearly half of all North American birds are at risk due to climate change that causes their migration routes to change.
Jack’s PARENTS joined us!
Jack’s PARENTS joined us!

New member Debbie Broughton

New member Debbie BroughtonDebbie Broughton (sponsored by Margene Smaaladen) was inducted into the club! Welcome, Red Badge Debbie! 



Review: International Services Committee

Brenda WallBrenda Wall shared how the ISC spent $22k on worthy causes worldwide, including a hydrotherapy pool in Ethiopia, Guatemala Safe Stoves project, schools in Burkina Faso, Etta projects (dry composting toilets in Bolivia), Disaster Aid Canada, Side by Side, Days for Girls for Syrian Refugees in Jordan, and more! ISC had a very successful fundraiser this year, raising $53k for Side by Side for projects in S. Africa. 

Check presented to Poulsbo’s Days for Girls

Check presented to Poulsbo’s Days for GirlsBrenda Wall presented a $4k check to Shirley Wilder for Poulsbo’s Days for Girls to send 400 hygiene kits to Syrian Refugees in Jordan.


Important UPCOMING Club Events 

• Viking Tour May 20!! 
• Opportunities for hosting couples from Friendship Exchanges — see Steve Garfein 
• Jack Archer’s memorial will be June 16. Details to be determined. 

Wendell Verduin and Kim Sellick on Side by Side’s Game Changer for Girls

Wendell Verduin and Kim Sellick on Side by Side’s Game ChWendell Verduin and Kim Sellick on Side by Side’s Game Changer for GirlsWendell began by thanking the club for ISC’s fundraiser that raised $53K for Side by Side’s Game-changer for Girls program, which provides hygiene kits, education, and micro-enterprise opportunities for women and girls in South Africa. Wendell then introduced Kim, an expert in working with start-ups and micro-enterprises, who went to South Africa with Side by Side earlier in the month. He showed a short video and a power point which showed how they were able to create jobs for eight people — empowering women with sewing kits to make the hygiene kits to sell in country. At this time it remains heavily subsidized, but the goal is for selfinitiating and self-sustaining sewing centers in country that can maintain an income stream by selling the kits to churches, school districts, and non-profits. He stressed how it was important to not impose a Western business model. Days for Girls trained the sewists, and offered product support, while Side by Side offered financial resources, along with a strong education component.

The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels

Roger GallingtonAt a time when fossil fuels often get a bad rap, Roger Gallington brought a whole new way of seeing these sources of energy to our Friday meeting. Frequently referring to the book on the subject by Alex Epstein, the proposition is that the use of fossil fuels has improved the quality of life and life expectancy throughout the world. They are cheaper to implement vs. sustainable options due to the reduced capital costs, and their production is more consistent. Wind, for instance, is cyclical and sometimes unpredictable.
The impact upon the greenhouse affect on the Earth was also disputed. “The increase in CO2 in the atmosphere doesn’t necessarily increase the greenhouse affect.” In fact, “that same increase typically improves the health of plants, called the ‘Fertilizer Effect’”. How the greenhouse effect impacts weather systems or other environmental aspects is still under debate, as Roger pointed out.
An intriguing presentation on a controversial topic delivered by a man of deep understanding and intelligence. Just the kind of presentation that we love! Thank you, Roger!

Meeting Announcements

We have a new inbound exchange student assigned already—from Thailand! We need just one more host family to sign up. See Dan Weedin.
Todd Tidball, cigar auctioneerAnn Pyles donated 3 Cuban cigars that were auctioned at our Friday meeting for Polio Plus. Thank you, Danny Fritz, for your $125 donation and thank you, Ann, for your donation!
Jon Pavey is putting in another order for those terrific aprons that have the Sons of Norway and our Logos proudly displayed. See Jon if you’d like one of your very own.

Polio Plus/Paul Harris

Chris Morrisey receiving Paul Harris awardPolio Plus is a special funding category at Rotary International to support Rotary's fight to end polio. Poulsbo Rotary’s commitment to end Polio in our lifetime is succeeding! We gathered more than $5500 – exceeding our pledge goal. But the fight continues, so your donations to this effort are still needed. We are SOOOOOO close that the next reported case of Polio could be the last!!!
Chris Morrisey was honored at this meeting as a new Paul Harris Fellow. These awards, given in the name of Rotary Founder Paul Harris, are for Rotarians who donate a total of $1000 to the Rotary Foundation, the charitable non-profit of Rotary International. Congratulations, Chris!

Scarlet Road check presentation 

Scarlett RoadThe club presented Scarlet Road with a $1500 check. These funds will be used for bus passes and “after care” supplies for the young people seeking sanctuary from the sex trafficking world.



Identity Theft and How to Protect Yourself 

Jacob MaxwellBrenda WallDan WeedinThis extremely serious problem was presented to the club by Jacob Maxwell, Brenda Wall, and Dan Weedin. Did you know that the Equifax breach exposed over 100 million records… keep in mind that the US population is estimated to be 326 million. Cybercrimes are on the rise and your business insurance policy MIGHT NOT COVER IT! Here are a few of the ideas shared with us to help keep you safe: Review your credit report and Social Security Earned Income Statement annually, use a miro or cross-cut paper shedder, DO NOT carry your Social Security card, and avoid public Wifi… just to name a few. Need more info or help? Ask Dan, Brenda or Jacob 

Emily visits from Croatia 

Emily visits from CroatiaFor Emily Cartham, Poulsbo Rotary’s Outbound Exchange Student in Croatia this year, the experience has been a broadening experience she will never forget. Emily was a featured guest at Friday’s meeting through the miracle of Skype. Through her many friendships, and thanks to great host families, she has travelled and experienced a culture different from ours but one which Emily has very much enjoyed. “I’m in love with Croatia! I am going to really miss it when it’s time to return to the U.S.!” Her advice for anyone wondering about Youth Exchange? “Definitely do it—it is so beneficial, and brings about really good changes and personal development.” 

Other Meeting Announcements

NK Athletic Medicine GroupCommunity Services presented a check to the NK Athletic Medicine group to help pay for an upcoming skills symposium, where students will learn important medical treatments.
Great news!! Thanks to your generosity, and to our intrepid Rotary Foundation Committee, our Club’s End Polio campaign had a boost in giving and we are now set to exceed our goal for this year. THANK YOU! 
Nick JohnsonNick Johnson updated the Club on the latest Viking Tour news, including a record-setting 129 preregistrations, many more than last year. The preTour registration party the night before at Western Red Brewery looks to be almost as fun as the Tour itself, with beer, music and discounts galore.

Getting to know Jack

Getting to know JackGiacomo Battu, affectionately called “Jack” by family and friends, is our Poulsbo Rotary’s incoming Exchange Student this year, bringing cheeky humor and a swag to our Club when he shares his adventures each week. For last Friday’s meeting, he took the podium to tell us more about his native Biella, Italy and the life he lives when he isn’t in the US. He told us about how different high schools are in Italy, where students can choose to attend one of many high school choices based upon the curriculum focus. He shared that classes are different throughout the week, vs. our high schools where schedules are repeated daily. Jack loves sports, especially soccer. His family’s love of travel has taken Jack to many, many countries throughout the world. Each year, they choose a different place to visit that they haven’t visited before. Jack, whose mastery of English is impressive, told us that he has learned English from when he was in elementary school and loves that he can practice all the time while with us. Thank you, Jack, for a fascinating opportunity to learn of your life and your world.

Reading by Cheryl Harris

Cheryl Harris started us out right with a wonderful reading of Shel Silverstein’s, Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout (Would Not Take the Garbage Out)

New Club Member Brian Guthrie

Brian Guthrie (sponsored by Meredith Green) was inducted as a new member into the club! Congratulations and welcome, Red Badge Brian!

BIG ASK for our End Polio Now goal: 

Lori Cloutier led a ring-the-bell campaign to help our club reach its annual goal. 99% of the world no longer has polio, but in the 3 countries where it remains endemic, it wreaks havoc. Please see Lori’s Power Point presentation for more information. Members donating $26.50 or more received fancy red pins.   *** We exceeded the goal! *** 

Important UPCOMING Club Events 

• Wine tasting at Donna Pledger’s tonight 
• Mar. 13 Poulsbo Rotary/E. Bremerton Rotary joint event: D-Day 
• TOMORROW trail expansion and debris removal (sans blackberries…) at Fish Park 
• Consider signing up for DTA (District Training Assembly) May 4 and 5 
• Fireside at Jerry Deeter’s 7pm 3/20 

Dave Nichols on ShelterBox Response Teams 

Dave Nichols came to us from West Seattle Rotary, where he serves on the International Services Committee. He is both an Emergency Management Professional and on one of the 190 two-person Disaster Response Teams (DRTs) with ShelterBox, delivering shelter boxes to disaster areas across the globe. With over 85 million currently displaced in the world, the need is great. The company, a British charity (with 20 affiliate countries) began as an International Rotary project and has, to date, sheltered over 1.5 million people. The DRTs work from sun up to sun down, functioning as case workers, customs workers, and trainers. Once they land, they are typically partnered with Rotarians in the field. The “classic” ShelterBox contains tents with a 9-12 month lifetime and a tool kit for building, but they’re moving beyond just tents to child’s kits (school box), along with different models to meet different needs. The goal is to shelter 1 million people per year by 2025. Please check out online, and feel free to contact Dave at Thank you, Dave! 
Make a charitable contribution to the Poulsbo-North Kitsap Rotary Foundation.
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