Posted on May 10, 2019

Important Announcements

1. Jim Moore’s memorial service is tomorrow at the Village Green in Kingston at 11am 
2. There is now power to Morrow Manor! 
3. Mc needs a home for six days. June 1-6. Three families needed. Brenda is doing 1-2, Mary and Joe are doing 3-4, Still need 5th6th to be covered. Call Dan Weeden. 
4. Saturday May 18 there is a come hang out and give people their registrations for Viking Tour at Sound Brewery from 5-9 
5. More volunteers needed for Viking Tour. See Joe Hulsey. (Note: Park for the event at the Drs Clinic) 
Devyn Newcombe awarded Paul and Debra Vaughan the Viking Spirit Award
Devyn Newcombe awarded Paul and Debra Vaughan the Viking Spirit Award for their work on the Inclusive All-Access Park project. They have been navigating government and the community and doing a great job.

Children of the Nations: Serving the Eyes of the Poor 

Presentation by Jim Barker, Paul Kremer, and Martha Lee
Presentation by Jim Barker, Paul Kremer, and Martha Lee
Paul met Joe Hulsey at a party last summer. Joe and Meredith talked to him and found out that he travels to the Dominican Republic to help people with their eye troubles. Joe and Meredith suggested that they come to Rotary for some money. They did. We helped. 
Jim is from Ballard and a member of the Silverdale Rotary. He has been with Children of the Nations for 3 years. 
Their project is called “Serving the eyes of the poor.” 
Children of the Nations collects the money we gave and gives it to the Drs to spend on eye care. They go every year with about 20 people to a little village called Bahahona. 
Dr Kremer is a cornea specialist that studied at the UW.
Jim Barker, Paul Kremer, and Martha LeeDr Leen is a glaucoma specialist that went to Brown. 
They have worked together for 20 years. They started doing eye surgery in the DR about 8 years ago. They noticed while there that no one had on glasses.
They take a flight from Miami, a six-hour bus ride out into the county and then drag suitcases full of supplies into the village and clinic. The village is very poor and they farm bananas and sugar cane. Many residents are Haitian refugees. There are many people there about 40 years old that are totally blind. This is due to living close to the equator and getting too many UV rays. It is also due to poor nutrition and healthcare. 
The locals come to the clinic. Not sure how they get there, walk, moped?? Lots come. They line up and the doctor’s interview and choose who they will operate on. In the same day they do about ten operations. They people leave being able to see again. The cataracts are often black or white when they are removed. As a comparison the US cataracts are the color of iced tea. 
At first the operating room was the size of a large closet. Now the clinic has a second floor and is a lot better. 
Two years ago they decided to bring glasses with them. They found an online supplier and can get them for $6/pair for prescription and $1 for readers. They literally haul them in suitcases to the DR. Up trails and everything. They have a borrowed eye prescription tester that they use. It is rudimentary but works OK. It only has a battery life of 3-4 hours. And when it rains it is fogged up and hard to read. When the battery dies they have to go back to the clinic, charge it up and start out again. However, sometimes the clinic loses power. When this happens they simply put different glasses on people and ask if it is better or worse. Crazy. They made the mistake of bringing too many adult size glasses and not enough kids. They will correct that this year. 
Children of the Nations hires a translator since most speak Spanish or French Creole.
Tim NicholsThey see the children at the local school which is just a roof, but yet the nicest structure in town. All the children want glasses and are sad when they don’t need them. The teachers are super happy to get them too. They can see the text books that they teach from. 
Since the kids aren’t literate they use a tumbling E chart. They simply point up down right left. The children that get glasses are thrilled to be able to finally see the leaves on the trees. 
Dr Kremer worked on Poulsbo Rotary President Tim Nichols’s eyes. He was a great surgeon that gave him a teddy bear to hug. They had some technical issues that day and Tim said the Dr was very calm and Tim really appreciated the Bear. 

Viking Tour Update

Nick Johnson
We have 240 riders. Last week we had 224. Spread the word. 
There will be a poker run. Prizes are 1st: Jersey, 2nd a sweet drinking horn, and 3rd, a t-shirt. 

Bonus material: Fine Master Gaston

Gaston fined people who like beer: Jim Schlacter, Dan Ryan and Gary Nakamura 
Gaston fined people who have tattoos: Devon, David and Rob Thomas 
Gaston fined people who had fun shirts: Dan Weeden, Chuck, Tonya, Ryan, Don, Kim, 
Lydia, Nick, Brenda and Jim Barker for his Jerry Garcia tie. 
Gaston won’t show us his tattoo that he says is a husky on his b…. back. Ya it is. 
He also fined Jim Martin for always calling him Peter