No one knows the power of education better than Collins Nakedi.  He is from Kenya (East Pokot) where the literacy rate is a mere 4% and he is the only university graduate from all of Pokot, population 155,000.  He has met President Obama and he was selected for a program called the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI).  As part of this very select group, Nakedi participated in university studies for 6 weeks in the USA.  Additionally, Nakedi was selected from the elite for an additional 6 weeks of study with Microsoft both in Washington DC and in Redmond.

The Poulsbo Rotary Club is among the local Rotary groups led by Bob Cairns of Port Orchard Rotary,  supporting Hidafi Africa, an NGO that Nakedi and others founded in 2013 to promote quality of life and education in rural Kenya and beyond.  Part of Nakedi's work with Rotary is to provide small, solar-powered computers to rural northern Kenyan schools, many without electricity.  Through Cairns and other Rotarians, Hidafi Africa trained teachers in the use of the Raspberry Pi devices.
This year the goal is to supply nine schools with enough devices to have one for every two students to share.  Local and regional Rotary clubs donated about half the funding, with Rotary International providing the rest, for a total of $102,300.  The grant will also help pay for reliable water systems to support public health and agriculture.
Among its initiatives, Hidafi Africa raises scholarship money for rural children to attend schools and coordinates with Rotary on installing wells and other sustainable water systems.  This group also is a strong advocate of women's rights, meeting with rural families and leaders to encourage girls' education and discourage the practice of female genital mutilation.
In Nakedi's own words he states "This is a passion, but it takes a village.  I could get a job to support my mother, but the mother next door is going hungry."  The Poulsbo Rotary Club is proud to be a part of this global "village."
Collins Nakedi is pictured below wearing green.  The hut belongs to his parents who are the adults shown in the photo.
(This article was sourced from the Kitsap Sun "Appreciate the privileges around you" by Chris Henry)