Date Task Assigned To
  8/2/2019 Meeting Setup Chuck Regan
  8/2/2019 Meeting Setup Scott Snively
  8/2/2019 Meeting Setup Margene Smaaladen
  8/2/2019 Greeter/Finemaster Robert Gelder
  8/2/2019 Greeter/Finemaster Jim Heins
  8/2/2019 Greeter/Finemaster Lydia Rush
  8/2/2019 Thought for the Day Tom Eckmann
  8/2/2019 Teardown Terry Burns
  8/2/2019 Teardown David Shields
  8/2/2019 Teardown Cheryl Harris
  8/9/2019 Meeting Setup Mary Gorman
  8/9/2019 Meeting Setup Chris Doving
  8/9/2019 Meeting Setup Jim Gillard
  8/9/2019 Greeter/Finemaster Kevin Ryan
  8/9/2019 Greeter/Finemaster Dan Weedin
  8/9/2019 Greeter/Finemaster Karen Timken
  8/9/2019 Thought for the Day Roger Gallington
  8/9/2019 Teardown Ray Donahue
  8/9/2019 Teardown Kristi Sutton
  8/9/2019 Teardown Scott Snively
  8/16/2019 Meeting Setup Craig Adams
  8/16/2019 Meeting Setup Behzad Mostofi
  8/16/2019 Meeting Setup Joseph Hulsey
  8/16/2019 Greeter/Finemaster Russ Shiplet
  8/16/2019 Greeter/Finemaster Steve Hogg
  8/16/2019 Greeter/Finemaster Darryl Milton
  8/16/2019 Thought for the Day Erin Sorensen
  8/16/2019 Teardown Brenda Wall
  8/16/2019 Teardown Lori Cloutier
  8/16/2019 Teardown Jim Heins
  8/23/2019 Meeting Setup Ray Donahue
  8/23/2019 Meeting Setup David Shields
  8/23/2019 Meeting Setup Justin Ingalls
  8/23/2019 Greeter/Finemaster Todd Tidball
  8/23/2019 Greeter/Finemaster Ben Rogers
  8/23/2019 Greeter/Finemaster Joseph Hulsey
  8/23/2019 Thought for the Day Robert Doane
  8/23/2019 Teardown Harlan Harris
  8/23/2019 Teardown Kim McKoy
  8/23/2019 Teardown Craig Steinlicht
  8/30/2019 Meeting Setup David Smith
  8/30/2019 Meeting Setup Ben Rogers
  8/30/2019 Meeting Setup Debra Vaughan
  8/30/2019 Greeter/Finemaster Craig Adams
  8/30/2019 Greeter/Finemaster Lori Cloutier
  8/30/2019 Greeter/Finemaster Ray Donahue
  8/30/2019 Thought for the Day Justin Ingalls
  8/30/2019 Teardown Aalesa Barker
  8/30/2019 Teardown Paul Vaughn
  8/30/2019 Teardown Mark Timken
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile
Members assigned to Setup should arrive at 6:15 AM
Those assigned as Greeter/Finemaster should arrive by 6:30 AM
If you cannot perform your assigned task,
it is your responsibility to arrange for a substitute