Date Task Assigned To
  5/4/2018 Meeting Setup Cindy Garfein
  5/4/2018 Meeting Setup Daniel Ryan
  5/4/2018 Meeting Setup Dominick Ferrara
  5/4/2018 Greeter/Finemaster Ahmis Loving
  5/4/2018 Greeter/Finemaster Scott Sorensen
  5/4/2018 Greeter/Finemaster Terry Ward
  5/4/2018 Thought for the Day Roger Ludwig
  5/4/2018 Teardown Paul Vaughan
  5/4/2018 Teardown Frances Malone
  5/4/2018 Teardown Tom Taylor
  5/11/2018 Meeting Setup Jeff Russell
  5/11/2018 Meeting Setup Kevin Ryan
  5/11/2018 Meeting Setup Brian Guthrie
  5/11/2018 Greeter/Finemaster Chad Solvie
  5/11/2018 Greeter/Finemaster Gary Nakamura
  5/11/2018 Greeter/Finemaster Emily Authenrieth
  5/11/2018 Thought for the Day Daniel Ryan
  5/11/2018 Teardown Jeffrey Hora
  5/11/2018 Teardown Richard Darrow
  5/11/2018 Teardown Donna Strep
  5/18/2018 Meeting Setup Nick Johnson
  5/18/2018 Meeting Setup Brent Stenman
  5/18/2018 Meeting Setup Jay Roof
  5/18/2018 Greeter/Finemaster Richard Tizzano
  5/18/2018 Greeter/Finemaster Ardelle Rein-Halvorsen
  5/18/2018 Greeter/Finemaster Tony Fyrqvist
  5/18/2018 Thought for the Day James Schlachter
  5/18/2018 Teardown Brett Clark
  5/18/2018 Teardown Meredith Green
  5/18/2018 Teardown Dan Weedin
  5/25/2018 Meeting Setup Sally Olsen
  5/25/2018 Meeting Setup Scott Sorensen
  5/25/2018 Meeting Setup Cynthia Tveit
  5/25/2018 Greeter/Finemaster Chuck Regan
  5/25/2018 Greeter/Finemaster Patricia Van Diest
  5/25/2018 Greeter/Finemaster Jed Selter
  5/25/2018 Thought for the Day Debra Vaughan
  5/25/2018 Teardown Gwen Hannon
  5/25/2018 Teardown David Smith
  5/25/2018 Teardown Gary Nakamura
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
Members assigned to Setup should arrive at 6:15 AM
Those assigned as Greeter/Finemaster should arrive by 6:30 AM
If you cannot perform your assigned task,
it is your responsibility to arrange for a substitute