Gayle Heller Presents $3,500 Check to Dr Dennis CarlsonDr. Carlson of Bainbridge Island and founder of Kossoye Development Projects in Ethiopia came to receive the grant for their work helping the rural people in the north. They provide seeds and teach how to grow vegetables. The Club has helped over several years supplying money for a pump for water, a shed to store seeds, training about cultivation and propagation.and the purchase of seeds. He has worked for over 60 years in Ethiopia. In 2003 he started a two-year study to find a way to help the rural people suffering from malnutrition. They only ate a grain called teff and a little lamb but no vegetables. Fifty per cent of the people were stunted. They have measured the children over the years. After two years the children who are the vegetables were an inch and a half taller than the others. This year the people have packaged 100,000 seed packets for distribution which will help feed 500,000 people.